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New York Jewish newspaper names Riga as a ''must visit'' tourist destination for 2014

Photo: LETA.
RIGA, Jan 9 - The Jewish newspaper ''Jewish Week'', based in New York, has mentioned Riga as a ''must visit'' tourist destination for 2014.

The newspaper recommends its readers to visit five cities this year - Riga, Warsaw, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo and Kingston.

''Because while Lithuania is the ancestral home of so many Ashkenazim and Estonia has grabbed attention for its high-tech economy, it’s Latvia’s turn in the Baltic spotlight. This year, Latvia is the latest nation to join the euro zone, and its lovely waterfront capital, Riga, is a 2014 European Capital of Culture,'' the newspaper writes.

''Riga has an 800-year Jewish heritage of its own – the modern community numbers 15,000 – as well as a past rich with Viking, Hanseatic and Russian influences, all of which are visible in the UNESCO-designated historic center,'' the article goes on to say.

''Latvians are eager to show off what makes their country unique; with the “Riga 2014” calendar of events, travelers will have plenty to enjoy, from an amber exhibit at the Natural History Museum to classical concerts, open-air parties, light shows and markets around town,'' the newspaper points out.

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