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"Costa Cruises" brings 20,000 visitors to Riga this summer

On August 31, "Costa Cruises" passenger ship "Costa Pacifica" will visit Riga for the last time this summer. "Costa Pacifica" has already visited Riga six times this year, bringing a total of almost 20,000 passengers, "Nozare.lv" was informed by "Costa Cruises" representative in the Baltic States, "Baltic GSA" director Marcis Kalnins.

According to the Freeport of Riga, "Costa Pacifica" is the largest passenger ship calling in the port of Riga this summer, with the total capacity of up to 3,780 passengers. Altogether, "Costa Cruises" accounts for around 25 percent of all cruise passengers visiting Riga, making it by far the largest regular cruise line visiting Riga this season.

Kitija Gitendorfa, President of Latvian Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ALTA), says: “We are happy to see that it is becoming an increasingly important destination for cruise ships, and we are proud to cooperate with a major cruise operator like "Costa Cruises". There is so much to see and do in Riga, and we are confident that once passengers get a taste of Riga, they'll want to come back.”

"Costa Cruises" ships have been visiting Riga since 2006, bringing "Costa Pacifica" to the route in 2011. The ship was completed in 2009, she is 290 meters long with a gross tonnage of 114,500 and can hold up to 3,780 passengers on her 14 decks.

In 2014, "Costa Pacifica" plans to visit Riga seven times, bringing up to 26,000 passengers. Altogether, "Costa Cruises" has five cruise ships sailing in the Baltic Sea this summer, making it the largest cruise line in the region. The company is represented in the Baltics by representation specialist "Baltic GSA".


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