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Latvia saw top tourist increase in Europe last year

Photo: pixabay.com

In tourism, Latvia was Europe’s fastest growing destination with an 8% increase in the number of guests and over-night stays, the country’s Ministry of Economy has estimated.

In 2018, accommodations in Latvia hosted a total of 2.8 million guests, including 1.9 million tourists from abroad.

Local and foreign travellers spent a total of 5.3 million nights in the central Baltic country, which is an 8% increase, compared to the data of 2017, the Latvian Ministry of Economics reported.

The data have been announced at an event of Balttour, the 26th international travel trade fair, held this weekend in Riga.

Latvian Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro: «The sector of tourism is very important to Latvian economy, because it makes up over 4% of investment in the gross domestic product. (..) I am proud of the country, where I live and travel frequently, as Latvia is unique and increasingly attractive to tourists.»


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