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Latvians spent by 18% more money on travel in 2017

Photo: pixabay.com.

With travel industry in Latvia expanding, Latvians went on 5.8% more one-day trips and spent 11.1% more in 2017 than in 2016, estimated the country’s Central Statistical Bureau.

The statisticians reported, that the number of overnight trips reduced by 2.6 % and the number of nights spent – by 5.0 % in 2017 compared to 2016.

Spending, in turn, rose by 21.0 %.

In total, Latvian residents spent EUR 930.9 million on all trips last year, which is EUR 141.4 million or 17,9 % more than a year ago.

Latvian residents go on same-day trips around Latvia 3 times more than on overnight trips

In 2017, Latvian residents went on 9.6 million same-day trips around Latvia, which is 5.1 % more than a year ago. In 27.5 % Pierīga region was selected as main destination, which was followed by Riga – 21.0 %, but less often by Latgale region – 11.8 %. Similar to 2016, in 2017 most popular destination of same-day trips was Riga (21.0 %) and Jūrmala (8.1 %).

The Central Statistical Bureau reported that in total EUR 232.1 million were spent in same-day trips, which is 7.0 % more than a year ago. Average spending per same-day trip amounted to EUR 24.2.

The number of overnight trips around Latvia amounted to 2.9 million last year, which is 4.2 % less than in 2016. 80.6 % of trips were made by passenger car or motorcycle. Latvian residents also travelled by bus (14.5 %) and by train (4.4 %). In 17.2 % of trips rented accommodation or accommodation for a fee was used. Of which 11.1 % were booked at tour operators or travel agents, but 66.1 % were booked by travellers themselves at service provider. 41.2 % of bookings were made using automatic booking systems on the Internet, data by the Central Statistical Bureau showed.


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