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Riga makes it to Top 5 best tourism destinations in Europe

Photo: pixabay.com.
Latvia’s capital city has been given fifth place in the European Best Destination 2018 rating of tourism destinations, as reported by Live Riga tourism information centre.

The Top 5 best destinations include Bilbao, Colmar, Hvar Island and Riga. Poland’s city of Wroclaw has been declared Europe’s Best Destination of 2018. All 20 countries that had participated in the vote had received 320,000 votes from 162 different countries. Nearly 30,000 local and foreign residents voted for Riga.

«Latvia, unlike other participating countries, has a small population. This is why getting fifth place in the list of the best destinations is a major accomplishment for us. 64% of votes Riga received from foreigners. This proves Latvia’s capital city is an exciting and attractive destination. Being in the Top 5 of the best destinations means publicity and support for Riga’s promotion abroad, which is especially important for Latvia’s centenary,» says Riga Tourism Development Bureau’s chairman Vita Jermoloviča.

20 countries in Europe competed for the title of the best destination this year: Riga, Wroclaw, Lisbon, Vienna, London, Athens, Milan, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Kotor, Edinburgh, Hvar, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Colmar and Bohin.


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