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Flights in December have 50% probability of being delayed

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Christmas is the second least appropriate time after summer for flights, according to Eurocontrol data. On top of that, there is a 50% probability that flights may end up delayed in December. This means that people should plan ahead to avoid unexpected problems along the way, according to data from Skycop.

Skycop CEO Marius Stonkus says: «Travellers are advised to avoid travelling on 22 – 24 December, as well as 29 December – the hottest time for airports and when flights are cancelled more often than usual.»

Flight schedules are also affected a lot by unpredictable weather. «This year’s winter has already negatively affected airport work in Europe, forcing thousands of travellers to change their plans,» Stonkus says.

Flights get delayed in the Christmas period for many different reasons – in 50% of cases delays are caused by the airlines. This includes insufficient personnel and their poor performance, delayed aircraft maintenance (refuelling and de-icing), workers getting sick and missing work, passengers delaying the flight, or other technical problems.

In such cases, passengers have to right for a compensation of EUR 600. If the delay is caused by a mechanical defect, it is not possible to ask for compensations. Still, the possibility of a defect being discovered is approximately 0.6%. Only 30% of flights are delayed due to bad weather.

«If you travel to or from EU member states during holidays, flights can get delayed for as long as three hours. If a flight is cancelled or a passenger suffers from over-sale of tickets and is not allowed on board, they have the right for compensation from EUR 250 to EUR 600 in accordance with EU Regulation No. 261/2004,» said Stonkus.

No one is safe from unpredictable situations. This is why if people decide to travel during holidays, Skycop recommends passengers to start preparing well in advance.

First of all, all passengers have to learn their rights in crisis situations. If a flight is delayed by at least three hours, the airline servicing the flight are obligated to provide affected passengers with the following: water, food, free wireless internet connection and phone numbers for passengers to call up an coordinate their arrangements. If a passenger has to spend the night, the airline also has to provide accommodations.

Secondly, passengers should prepare an action plan in the event when they are forced to wait in a foreign country. It is worth listening to feedback from other people who have been in similar situations, as well as consulting with travel agents.


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