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Association: this year’s tourist number increase could reach 10% in Latvia

Photo: nikolaiva.
Latvia may experience a 10% increase in the number of tourists this year, which is a very good result, said President of Latvian Hotels and Restaurants Association Janis Pinnis in an interview to LNT 900 seconds programme.

He said the number of visiting tourists increases with each passing year, and this increase is stable. Last year’s increase was 7%.

Pinnis says this year’s summer season is considered good. Even in spite of somewhat poorer weather conditions, hotel bookings were not cancelled.

He also added that the absolute record for hotels in Riga and Pieriga was on 27 July, when American Red Hot Chilli Peppers was performing in Lucavsala. The more famous people perform in Latvia, the bigger the benefit for the industry, Pinnins said.

The head of the association also added that prices in hotels are stable and unchanged. It is also one of the challenges for the industry – it is not possible to raise prices, but costs increase every year.


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