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Most Latvians travel within the country rather than outside

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53% of Latvia residents most often decide to travel within Latvia, not foreign countries, according to results of Baltic International Bank’s Latvian barometer.

Those residents prefer peaceful leisure at the beach. 24% of Latvian travellers visit historic, cultural and other locations. 36% of respondents travel abroad at least once a year or more often. 22% of them also prefer peaceful leisure and 16% – visit their relatives and friends living abroad. Significantly less often residents visit exotic countries (7%), partake in active leisure (6%) or go on shopping spree (4%).

It is also mentioned in the study mentions that more than half of respondents (54%) most often travel to relax. 30% of respondents travel to realize their dreams for adventure and break out from their routine life rhythm. 25% of residents travel to spend time with friends and family outside of home. 23% travel to see foreign countries with their own eyes.

47% of residents said they pick their destination putting costs on the first place. 33% of residents put climate and weather on first place. Accommodation and food costs are also among the most important factors. 21% of residents also study accessibility to locations they want to visit, and 20% of residents study the political situation in the country they intend to visit. 17% of travellers listen to friends’ opinions about different destinations.

63% of residents noted that they save money to later spend on travel, 19% pick travel arrangements that do not require a lot of savings. 17% use gift money, bonuses or additional pay for work on travel. Some residents borrow money from relatives and friends or borrow from a bank.

54% of residents say foreign tourists are attracted to Latvia by historic, architectural and cultural objects. Nearly as many residents say that tourists are attracted to Latvia by the Baltic Sea and the country’s beaches. 43% of respondents believe Latvia attracts tourists with its forests, rivers and lakes.


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