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22% more Latvians visited Estonia in January

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The northern-most Baltic nation of Estonia was visited by 22 percent more travellers from Latvia than in the first month of 2016, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

ERR public broadcaster reported on Monday, March 6, citing Statistics Estonia that in January 2017 the number of both domestic and foreign tourists to Estonia amounted to 192,000, which is 8 percent more than in January the previous year.

Tourists from abroad accounted for 55 percent, of which 35 percent were from Finland, 29 percent from Russia, and eight percent from Latvia. Compared to January 2016, the number of tourists arriving from Russia and Latvia increased by 15 percent and 22 percent.

Majority of foreign tourists – 70% – stayed in Tallinn, whereas 7 percent went to Pärnu, and five percent to Tartu and Ida-Viru County each.


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