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Latvia Tours: last year’s average travel cost per person was EUR 413

Last year’s tendency shows that many Latvian travellers have found new destinations to their liking. This especially applies to Asian countries. This is related to the general improvement of the economic situation, notes Latvia Tours corporate solutions specialist Janis Kolomenskis.

«Stabilization of the economic situation allows residents to spend more financial resources on travel. In addition, timely planning of travel arrangements can help find affordable offers for future trips,» Kolomenskis said.

Latvia Tours Travel Index data shows that residents carefully plan their travel. Kolomenskis notes: «In 2016, 44% of Latvian residents covered travel costs from savings. Looking at payment data across different demographic groups, Russian-speaking residents most often made their own savings (57%), whereas Latvian-speaking residents most often used their existing finances (43%).»

Kolomenskis notes that average travel cost per person was UR 413 last year.

As noted by Latvia Tours, one other major aspect is the increase of the number of travel transactions. In the survey performed by Latvia Tours in 2017, it is stated that 57% of respondents note that technological development has not reduced the need for business trips. Kolomenskis predicts at least 10% increase in demand in 2017.

Latvia Tours representative notes that the most popular destinations have changed in the past ten years. The geography of the most popular destinations has expanded outside Europe’s borders in 2016.


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