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Riga’s four-star hotels voted best in the world

Hotels in the heart of Latvia’s capital have been voted as some of the best in the world. In addition, in the four-star hotel category, Riga is Nr. 1 in the world.

In terms of all hotel categories, Riga is on the 9th place in the world; ahead of the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi. Cape Town, South African Republic, is on the first place in the world, followed by Vilnius, Lithuania, and Johannesburg, South African Republic, according to a recent study by Swiss PwC «Online Reputations – why hotel reviews matter and how hotels respond».

Edinburgh, Prague, Warsaw and Lisbon have also made it to the TOP 10 list. Ratings of different cities are determined based on the academically proven reputation index Global Review Index TM (GRI).

Riga with its 82.61% GRI is on the 4th place in the Central and Easter European region and 9th place in the world. In the four-star hotel category, Riga with its 86.51% GRI proudly stands on the 1st place in the world.

It is concluded in the study that Eastern European hotels usually receive better feedback online than hotels in other regions. Riga’s hotels have received the highest scores in categories like location, cleanliness and total value. Room quality, however, received the lowest score.

The reaction of hotel representatives to feedback for Riga’s hotels on the internet is significantly lower – 5% than average in Central and 9% in the Eastern European region. Five-star hotels react better to feedback on the internet than three or four-star hotels do. It was uncovered during the study that many hotel representatives believe negative feedback complicated business. They say they do not know how to use this to their advantage. Many question the validity of such feedback and usefulness for their business. Instead, they choose a defensive tactic.

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