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Two million tourists reached Riga in 2014

Photo: LETA.
LSM- Altogether 1,122,926 guests stayed at hotels and other accommodations in Riga during the year 2014, a 15.6% increase over 2013. The total number of tourists visiting the city reached 2 million last year, according to information from the Central Statistics Office, compiled by the Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

The average number of nights spent by travelers in Riga last year grew 10%, totaling 1,953,199 night-stays.

Although the number of Russian tourists in Riga decreased 6.5% last year, tourists from Russia still account for the largest number of Riga hotel guests.

Russian tourists made up 18.4% of all tourists in Riga hotels and other accommodations last year, tourists from Germany - 11.9%, Estonia - 7.2%, Lithuania - 6.3%, Norway - 5.8%, Finland - 5.7%, Sweden – 5%, Great Britain - 4.8%.

The number of British tourists in Riga increased the most last year – by 50%. The number of German tourists grew 40%, tourists from Belgium – 35%, Denmark and Belarus – 30% each, The Netherlands – 20%.

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