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Tourists in Riga are interested the most in shopping, night life and SPA

Photo: LETA.
Last year, Riga’s hotels and other tourist accommodations had been visited by 1,122,926 guests, which is 15.6% more than in 2013. The number of nights spent in Riga has increased by 10% – reaching 1,953,199.

The total number of tourists has reached two million, according to information from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia by Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

The largest number of tourists serviced by hotels in Riga comes from Russia – 18.4%, Germany – 11.9%, Estonia – 7.2%, Lithuania – 6.3%, Norway – 5.8%, Finland – 5.7%, Sweden – 5% and Britain – 4.8%.

The largest increase in the number of tourists is noted from Britain – 50%, Germany – 40%, Belgium – 35%, Denmark and Belarus – 30% and Netherlands – 20%.

Even though the number of tourists from Russia had decreased by 6.5% last year, these tourists still form the bulk of serviced guests in Riga’s hotels.

An analysis of the total number of guests to the city reveals that it is necessary to take into account a couple of other factors that influence the number of tourists in Riga. First of all, several dozen cruise ships had been served in Riga last year. Passengers of these cruise ships often stay in Riga for only a single day. This prevents them from being counted by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. For example, Tallink cruise ships that course between Latvia and Sweden carried nearly 700,000 passengers last year. Secondly, nearly one-third of tourists in Riga no longer stay in hotels or other tourist accommodations, instead choosing alternatives.

«A compilation of the latest information and statistical data shows that the total number of tourists in Riga had reached two million in 2014. We would like to think that this happened because of our successful cooperation with the tourism industry. Last year, we noticed a turn in relation to the decline in the number of Russian tourists. This is why we decided to concentrate more on western countries. This has allowed us to maintain a stable increase of the number of tourists to Riga. Marketing activities, participation in all kinds of exhibitions and Riga’s promotion by the media have brought us positive results,» – explains board member of Riga Tourism Development Bureau Vita Jermolovica.

237,315 guests were serviced in hotels in Q4 2014, which is 13.5% more than in the same period of 2013.

«According to the number of visits on www.LiveRiga.com, which had reached 1.7 million in 2014, our compiled data shows that tourists look up information regarding shopping, night life, restaurants and SPA prior to planning their trips to Riga,» – adds Jermolovica.

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