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Kalvitis unexpectedly becomes the president of Latvian Ice Hockey Federation

On Friday, 7 October, Aigars Kalvitis was appointed as the new president of Latvia’s Ice Hockey Federation.

With 12 votes, members of LHF decided to dismiss the previous management board. At least 11 votes were necessary to begin the dismissal process. With that, a new vote was organized the same day to elect a new management board. This included selecting a new chairman. None of the members of LHF decided to propose Kirov Lipman for the post. Only Kalvitis’ name was mentioned. He was chosen in the end.

18 members of the federation voted in favour of Kalvitis. One member abstained from the vote.

Shortly before the election of a new president for the federation, Lipman expressed relief with finally being able to leave his post.

The new LHF board now consists of Valentin Bluger, Viesturs Koziols, Edgars Jansons, Armands Steinbergs, Ralfs Bukarts and Maris Martinsons.

Although Lipman’s term was set to end in 2018, the management board of LHF was incomplete. This is why one of the main points of the congress was the election of a new management board, including a new chairman.

Lipman was first appointed president of LHF in 1994. He was later re-elected in 1995 and 1998. He remained in this post until 2016. Aside from him, Vilnis Burtnieks (1992-1994) and Ugis Magonis (1995-1998) worked as presidents in LHF.

In 2006, Riga held the world championship. Since then, Latvia has been a candidate to host the world championship multiple times – none of them successful.

Last September, Kalvitis left his post as chairman of Dinamo Riga, owner of Latvia’s KHL club Dinamo. He is currently the head of Latvijas Gāze.

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