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Canoeist Dagnis Iljins qualifies for Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Dagnis Iljins/youtube.com.
Latvia’s Olympic team for the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has increased by one more athlete. Canoeist Dagnis Iljins has qualified for participation in this major sports event, as BNN was told by Vice-President of Latvia’s Canoe Federation Lelde Laure.

She mentioned that the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games appeared before Iljins when several of his competitors were disqualified for breaching doping regulations.

Dagnis will participate in only one discipline in Rio – 1,000 km distance. This was the distance covered by Iljins during the qualification round.

With that, Latvia’s Olympic team now consists of 32 athletes in 12 disciplines.

The Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will last from 5th to 12th August.

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