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World Women's Curling Championships kick off in Riga on Saturday

 RIGA, March 14 - The 2013 World Women's Curling Championships will kick off in Riga this Saturday, which will also serve as a qualification tournament for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

The tournament will be held at the ''Volvo'' ice arena in Riga from March 16 to 24.

The tournament will be made up of 12 teams - Denmark, Italy, Japan, Canada, Russia, China, Latvia, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

The teams that place first through seventh at the World Championships will qualify for the Sochi Olympics. Russia has already automatically qualified as hosts.

The World Women's Curling Championships have taken place since 1979. Latvia is only the sixth European country to host the tournament.
Latvia competed in the 2010 World Women's Curling Championships, winning only one match and finishing in last place.

Latvia will kick off the tournament on March 16 against Sweden.

Many of the tournament's matches will be broadcast by ''Eurosport'', with LTV7 broadcasting most of Latvia's matches.
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