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Martins Dukurs wins season's final WC stage at Olympic track in Sochi

Martins Dukurs. Photo: Reuters/Scanpix.
 SOCHI (Russia), Feb 15 - Today, Latvia's Martins Dukurs won the season's final Skeleton World Cup stage at the Sochi Track in Russia, where next year's Winter Olympics will be held.

M.Dukurs finishes 0.17 seconds ahead of second place finisher Alexander Tretyakov (Russia).

Germany's Frank Rommel finishes in overall third place, 1.40 second behind M.Dukurs.

Meanwhile, Martins' brother Tomass Dukurs finished the stage in overall fifth place.

In this season's Skeleton World Cup, M.Dukurs finished in overall first place, while T.Dukurs finished in overall second place.

This was the fourth Skeleton World Cup title in a row for M.Dukurs.
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