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''VEF Riga'' lose to ''Sarthe Basket'' in ULEB Eurocup

Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 14 - Last night, Latvian basketball club ''VEF Riga'' suffered its first loss in this season's ULEB Eurocup tournament, losing at home to French basketball club Le Mans ''Sarthe Basket'' 80:89.
The highest scorer for the Latvian club was Kaspars Berzins with 23 points and eight rebounds. Dairis Bertans added 16 points for ''VEF Riga''.
On the other hand, the top scorer for the French club was J.P. Batista with 22 points.
''VEF Riga'' will play its next ULEB Eurocup match on November 21 at home against Russian basketball club Lyubertsy ''Triumph''.
As reported, ''VEF Riga'' opened the new Eurocup season last week with a 82:72 victory against German basketball club Artland ''Dragons''
This season's ULEB Eurocup is made up of 32 teams divided into eight groups of four.
Each team in each of the groups will play each other twice - once at home and once on the road. The top two teams in each of the groups will advance to the tournament's final 16.
''VEF Riga'' qualified for the tournament's final 16 last season.
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