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We have serious competition in our bid to organize 2017 Ice Hockey WC - Lipmans

Kirov Lipman. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, Jan 9 (LETA) - The president of the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation (LHF) Kirov Lipman said that the Latvian/Danish bid to organize the 2017 Ice Hockey Championships will have serious competition from the French/German bid, but that the ''battle'' will be done in a correct way.

Lipman reminded that the Latvian/Danish bid will be competing with a joint bid from France and Germany.

''Germany has presented to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) that it will be able to make a large profit, as the tournament's opening game will be played in an outdoor football stadium with 70,000 spectators. The IIHF will receive a percentage of the profits. However, I do not believe that this will be the main factor,'' Lipman said.

As reported, the government has sent a letter to the IIHF, where it once again expressed its support towards Latvia's bid to organize the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships.
During a meeting with government ministers yesterday, Latvian Ice Lipmans explained that the tournament, which is expected to be co-hosted with Denmark, will not require large expenses. Furthermore, he added that Latvia already has experience in organizing the world championships, and that it will not be necessary to construct a new arena.

LETA also reported, this past November, Latvia and Denmark officially submitted their joint bid to organize the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships.

If the Latvian/Danish bid win, the tournament's games will be played out in Riga and Copenhagen, with the semifinals, bronze medal game, and gold medal game played at the newly built ''Copenhagen Arena'', which will be opened in 2015.

The tournament's games in Riga will be played at ''Arena Riga''.

France and Germany have also submitted a joint bid to organize the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships.

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