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Another podium finish in Skeleton World Cup for Dukurs brothers

Martins Dukurs. Photo: AFP.
 LAPLAGNE (France), Dec 14 - After the final run of the Skeleton World Cup's (WC) fifth stage today, Latvia's Martins Dukurs was the victor, while his brother, Tomass Dukurs, finished in third.

This is the third time this season the brothers meet on the podium after competing. Russia's Alexandr Tretyakov finished in second place, while his fellow countryman - Sergei Chudinov was just a half-second shy of third place.

M.Dukurs in the two runs ended up 0.54 seconds ahead of Tretyakov.

T.Dukurs took the bronze despite a mistake in the second run.

This season's Skeleton WC favorite remains M.Dukurs, who is a three-time World Cup champ, and the 2006 Olympic silver medalist. He also won last season's European Skeleton Championships and World Championships.

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