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Rudnevs scores his fourth Bundesliga goal to help Hamburg SV defeat ''Schalke 04''

Artjoms Rudnevs. Photo: EPA.
 HAMBURG, Nov 28 - On Tuesday, Latvian national team forward Artjoms Rudnevs scored his fourth German Bundesliga goal, helping his Hamburg SV defeat Gelsenkirchen ''Schalke 04'' 3:1.
Rudnevs scored his club's second goal in the 65th minute to give SV a 2:0 lead.
Rudnevs played all 90 minutes of the match after sitting out one game.
At the moment, Hamburg SV is in 8th place in the Bundesliga with 20 points from 14 matches, while ''Schalke 04'' is in 3rd place in the league with 23 points.
Rudnevs is the first footballer from Latvia to play in the German Bundesliga. The 24-year-old forward has signed a four-year deal with the German club.
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