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Riga “Dinamo” spikes exclusion rumor

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During the latest press-conference, Riga “Dinamo”, which is currently ranked last in the West Conference table, and Bratislava “Slovan” have denied speculation that their clubs may face probable exclusion from the KHL.

Earlier, several sources claimed that after the current season, the KHL would likely see both “Dinamo” and “Slovan” leaving the league.

“We have the news regarding who will leave the KHL next season. “Lada” and “Severstal” are under no threat now. Riga “Dinamo” and “Slovan” from Bratislava are likely to be dropped out from the league. They have run out of money, completely,” reported Aleksey Shevchenko in his sports blog.

We do not have any official information so far. Thus, I have no right to discuss this matter until I will be equipped with an official announcement. What concerns the budgeting, I may assure you, that we are working in a routine mode,” replied Juris Savickis, Dinamo’s chief of the board, in the telephone call.

Since the KHL was about to bid farewell to three clubs following of the end of its 10th championship, Khanty-Mansiysk “Yugra” emerged as the third probable candidate for the exclusion. In the 2017/2018 season, Riga “Dinamo” and “Jugra” are the weakest teams of the Western and Eastern conferences respectively. “Slovan” is slightly ahead of the Rigans, residing one position higher.

According to the KHL criteria — there are eight of them — three teams will be eliminated from the league, which features 27 teams in total now. Among the key factors of exclusion stand results, home matches attendance, audience rating, and financial health. The former and the latter item is the total flounder for the Rigans: the team failed to make it to the play-offs four seasons in succession and during all this period the Latvian club had the budget issues.

Bukarts leaves “Dinamo”


Bad news circulates quickly so another announcement followed the exclusion speculation — Rihards Bukarts, a 22-year-old forward, has left the club ahead of the game, having moved to Germany, where he is going to play for Berlin’s “Eisbären” till the end of the season.

Notably, this has become the third team in a season for Bukarts. He kicked off in Czech “Zlin” with his brother Robert Bukarts, later, he unexpectedly moved to Riga. His sports achievements there are considered to be arguable: he managed to score only once in the 14 matches, reveals
stakers.com. Being a favourite of the upcoming play-offs, the German “Eisbären” comfortably resides in the third place in the DEL-league, making it more favourable club for Bukarts.

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