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Government supports increase of funding for five sports

Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis’ led Latvian National Sports Council has decided to ask the Cabinet of Ministers to review the matter of increasing funding for five sports – bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, biathlon and ice hockey.

During the discussion of technical support of sports in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, it was decided to ask the government to allocate funding of EUR 680,000. This funding is intended for bobsleigh, skeleton and luge – sports in which Latvian athletes are most likely to win medals.

Kucinskis notes that support for these sports is necessary particularly because it not only helps support athletes and maintains the country’s image. «This is not just about supporting sports – our athletes have high chances of achieving great results at the Olympics. This means recognition for the country,» comments the prime minister.

It was also decided to continue discussing the matter of funding to the state sports programme to finance the start of Latvia’s national ice hockey team in world championships.

In both cases, the decision to allocate funding is for the Cabinet of Ministers to make.


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