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New car registrations increase 2.8% in Latvia

Foto: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 BRUSSELS, Nov 16 (LETA) - This past October compared to October 2011, new automobile registrations decreased 4.6 percent in Europe, while Latvia recorded a 2.8 percent increase, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association's (ACEA) latest report.
The report presents data for all European Union member states except Malta, as well as the European Free Trade Association - Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
1,001 new automobiles were registered in Latvia in October 2012, compared to 974 new cars in October 2011.
In October 2012, 13 of the countries included in the report recorded increases in new automobile registrations, whereas the other 16 reported reductions.
Iceland recorded the steepest increase in new automobile registrations in October 2012 - 62.7 percent, followed by Denmark with 22.7 percent and Hungary with 15.3 percent.
The largest fall in new automobile registrations was observed in the Netherlands - 38.4 percent, Cyprus - 31.9 percent, and Spain - 21.7 percent.
In Estonia, 1474 new automobiles were registered in October 2012, 10.4 percent more than in October 2011. New car registrations in Lithuania rose 0.8 percent to 1,190 new automobiles.
A total of 998,899 new automobiles were registered in all of the countries covered in the report.
959,412 new automobiles were registered in EU member states - 4.8 percent less than in October 2011.
In the first ten months of the year, 8,996 new automobiles were registered in Latvia, 2.8 percent more than in the respective period in 2011.
Estonia had 14,788 new automobile registrations (16.1 percent increase), whereas Lithuania - 10,380 (6.8 percent reduction).
For all the countries included in the report, new automobile registrations reduced 6.9 percent in January-October 2012, whereas EU member states recorded a 7.3 percent decrease.
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