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Security Police establishes violations in registration of Lindermans' former party

 RIGA, Oct 30 - The Security Police have established violations in the registration of the January 13th Movement political party led by former National Bolshevik Vladimirs Lindermans; the party's name was changed to For Native Language this past summer.
Security Police spokeswoman Kristine Apse-Krumina informed LETA that, at the end of 2009, a criminal process was launched and the Security Police interviewed more than 100 persons who had allegedly participated in the "January 13th Movement" founding congress. However, it turned out that most of these people did not attend the said meeting.
According to the Law on Political Parties, no less than 200 people aged 18 or more must attend a political party's founding meeting. This means that the founding meeting's minutes were forged and the decision on the establishment of the party was unlawful, explained Apse-Krumina.
The Security Police has informed the Register of Enterprises about these violations, asking that the January 2010 decision on registration of the party be revised.
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