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Flashmob in support of Ukrainian nation to take place in Riga

RIGA, Jan 24 - A flashmob in support of the Ukrainian nation will take place at the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga today.

A new account has been registered at the "Facebook" networking service, which urges people to arrive at the Ukrainian Embassy building at 5 p.m. today to participate in a flashmob and thus express their support for the Ukrainian nation.

The organizers of the event say the objective is meant to show that the world is following the developments in Ukraine and to express support for the nation of Ukraine. They also emphasize that this is not a political protest, but a peaceful event demonstrating that the people of Latvia care about what is happening in Kiev. "This is meant to support the ordinary people who are trying to protect their interests but are being shot at, people who, under the new laws of Ukraine, are facing real jail sentences," say the organizers.

People who are planning to participate in the flashmob are advised to wear blue and yellow, the colors of the state flag of Ukraine.

By Tuesday evening, several dozen "Facebook" users had confirmed their participation in the event.
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