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Reform Party could evaluate running together with Unity in the Riga elections if an official offer is made

Valdis Zatlers. Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 11 - Since making a decision on running separately in the Riga City Council elections, the Reform Party has not discussed possibly running together with Unity, however, if an official offer comes from Unity, the party could consider it, as Reform Party executive director Ivo Valdovskis told LETA.
The party's chairman Valdis Zatlers recently said that the Reform Party is open for talks, and that any organization has the right to change its decisions.
''The decision made by the Reform Party to run separately in the Riga elections does not mean that the party is not in discussion with other parties, including Unity,'' Valdovskis said.
As reported, even though the Reform Party's board and council have decided against running together with Unity in the Riga City Council elections, Zatlers does not exclude such a possibility.
"The political situation changes frequently, even very frequently. I would be cautious before we make our final decision and commence our campaign," Zatlers admits in an interview with the newspaper "Diena" on Monday. He is convinced that much will depend on the Reform Party in the Riga City Council elections. The fate of Riga will depend on the party's performance in the upcoming municipal elections, emphasizes the politician.
LETA also reported, three parties have already announced their candidates for the Riga City Council elections. Harmony Center has nominated Nils Usakovs for another term in office, Unity - Sarmite Elerte, and All For Latvia-For Fatherland And Freedom/LNNK - Baiba Broka.
The 2013 local government elections will take place on June 1 next year.
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