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Merkel tells EP that Baltics are excellent examples of countries able to combine austerity with growth

 RIGA, Nov 8 - Addressing the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that ''the Baltics have carried out very tough reforms, and are prime examples of countries capable of combining austerity with growth.''
Merkel especially pointed out that the Baltic States have carried out complicated reforms, and now have good prospects of resuming growth. ''We cannot compare the achievements of Baltic States with the suffering everyone now mentions when speaking about Greece, for example,'' she said.
Meanwhile, during the same parliament session, European Parliament President Martin Schulz especially emphasized that work Latvia and its Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis have done to return to growth. He pointed that Latvia, which has overcome the toughest of times, have an excellent basis to request solidarity from European Union institutions when drawing up the EU's next multi-annual budget.
The German chancellor visited the European Parliament on Wednesday to discuss the European Union's 2014-2020 multi-annual budget, as well as possible solutions to the current economic and financial crisis. She said that many EU countries simply have not complied with the criteria of the Economic and Monetary Union, as well as the Maastricht criteria.
European Parliament Member Karlis Sadurskis (Unity) said that the German chancellor's comments about the economic situation within the European Union gives hope that Merkel will support the European Parliament for a well thought out and reasonable EU budget, which will ensure development, more jobs, a competitive economy, research, education, social welfare and security, LETA was informed by Sadurskis.
Sadurskis added that Latvia's priority is the European Union's development budget, and that the country does not wish to see cutbacks in programs related to cohesion financing, development and improving competitiveness within Europe and globally.
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