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Greens/Farmers leaning toward euro referendum, Harmony Center's stance could come tomorrow

Valerijs Agesins. Photo: Ieva Čika/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 4 - On the matter of euro for Latvia as of 2014, the opposition Greens/Farmers Union is leaning toward holding a nationwide referendum, while opposition Harmony Center is undecided at this hour.

Harmony Center could announce its stance following a meeting of its MPs tomorrow, December 5.

Both Valerijs Agesins of Harmony and Ingmars Lidaka of the Greens/Farmers underline that their parties are not opposed to the euro per say, but they do have doubts about the necessity to launch euro already on January 1, 2014.

Should the ruling coalition succeed in pushing through its bill on launching euro as planned, the Greens/Farmers intend to urge President Berzins decline promulgating it, Lidaka added.

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