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Difficult driving conditions in Vidzeme and Latgale this morning

Photo: Edijs Pslens.
 RIGA, Nov 29 - Due to snowfall, driving conditions are currently difficult in Vidzeme and Latgale, the state-owned road maintenance company "Latvijas valsts celi" informs.
The roads are icy and snow-covered. They are being salted/sanded.
Satisfactory driving conditions are in the directions of Liepaja, Ventspils, Bauska and Jelgava.
In the direction of Ainazi, driving is hampered on the Tuja crossing-Ainazi section, in the direction of Sigulda - on the Sigulda-Veclaicene section.
In the direction of Valmiera, driving is troublesome on the Ragana-Stalbe section, in the direction of Daugavpils - on Jekabpils-Terehova, Varaklani-Terehova, Grebneva-Medumi, Grebneva-Spogi sections and the by-pass road in the vicinity of Rezekne.
Difficult driving conditions are also on regional roads in the vicinity of Balvi, Ludza, Rezekne, Aluksne, Cesis, Gulbene, Limbazi, Madona, Valka and Valmiera.
Meteorologists forecast that temps will go down today and Latvia's northeastern regions will see snowstorms.
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