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Reform Party intends to run separately in local government elections

Ivo Valdovskis. Photo: Ieva Čika.
 RIGA, Nov 27 - The Reform Party has already made the decision that it will run separately in next year's local government elections, and there is no reason for the party to change it mind at the moment, the party's executive director Ivo Valdovskis told LETA.

He said that the Reform Party does not see the recent comments made by Unity's mayor candidate Sarmite Elerte as an invitation to change its position. ''This is just Elerte's desire to meet with her political opponents and possible allies, and begin a discussion on how Riga should be administered,'' Valdovskis said.

He said that if some new circumstances arise, then the Reform Party could once again review its position on running in the Riga City Council elections. ''Thus, it is theoretically possible that we could change or stance,'' Valdovskis emphasized.

He added that All for Latvia!-For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK was the first party to announce that it will run separately in the Riga elections.

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