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Final verdict: hospital to pay parents EUR 40,000 for child’s death

Photo: pixabay.com
Civil Cases Department of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Latvia has declared the ruling of Kurzeme Regional Court in the criminal case regarding the death of a child in Northern Kurzeme Hospital caused by malpractice as correct, as confirmed by the Supreme Court.

In the case regarding the death of a child in March 2007 from an inappropriate administration of sodium chloride solution Kurzeme Regional Court decided to not commence cassation proceedings. The Supreme Court’s board of senators admitted there is no justifiable reason to believe the outcome of the appealed ruling is wrong. Thus, the ruling made by Kurzeme Regional Court on 12 November 2018 with which the plea against the hospital is satisfied partially comes to force.

The ruling of the Supreme Court’s Senate is not subject to appeal.

In accordance with Kurzeme Regional Court’s ruling, moral compensation worth EUR 40,000 is to be enforced from Northern Kurzeme Regional Hospital in favour of the child’s parents.

Representative of the plaintiffs turned to court in July 2014, requesting enforcement of EUR 400,000 in favour of each plaintiff as compensation for the moral damage done to them by the death of their daughter as a result of poor medical service. The father of the child also requested enforcing from the hospital burial and legal assistance costs.

The plea details that the daughter of the plaintiffs received slight burns around her chest area when she accidentally dropped a cup of hot tea at home in March 2007. Parents decided to take their daughter to the hospital to make sure everything is fine. The child was left at the hospital, where medical treatment was poor because after an inappropriate administration of sodium chloride solution the child’s health started rapidly declining. Because of that, the child was rapidly carried to Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga. In spite of doctors’ best efforts, however, the child died.


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