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Ombudsman Juris Jansons proposed as second presidential candidate in Latvia

Juris Jansons/flickr.com
Latvia’s Farmers Union, which is part of Union of Greens and Farmers, has decided to pick ombudsman Juris Jansons as their state presidential candidate, as confirmed by UGF board chairman Armands Krauze.

He added that Jansons has agreed to stand candidate for the presidential post.

Talks with political parties forming UGF regarding the ombudsman’s candidacy have taken place. It is expected he might be picked as UGF’s candidate, said the politician. Latvia’s Green Party still needs to make its decision on this topic, added Krauze.

LFU has decided to pick Jansons for the presidential post because he is politically neutral. Additionally, LFU appreciates the ombudsman’s work in resolving many public problems, as well as his overall competence, said the politician.

Latvia’s Green Party’s chairman Edgars Tavars said on Wednesday that his party does not object to Jansons’ candidacy. «Mr. Jansons is a much respected candidate. We do not object, but we want to learn his opinion on multiple important topics,» said Tavars.

He added that on Thursday, 9 May, LFP plans to meet with Jansons to discuss with him topics like nature protection, foreign policy, security and defence affairs, as well as national economy. The final decision will be made after the party has heard him out. «We want a democratic vote, so that people listen to candidates and listen to him vision,» said Tavars.

Jansons’ name popped up in previous consultations with LFP, added Krauze.

As it is known, the majority of coalition parties have agreed to support European Court of Justice Judge Egils Levits as the presidential candidate.

Certain internal opposition members of KPV LV have yet to decide on supporting Egils Levits.

Meanwhile, Latvia’s current President Raimonds Vējonis has decided to not stand candidate for a repeated term.


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