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New Conservative Party’s leader to seek justice at Constitutional Court

Juris Juraš/flickr.com/Saeima
Board member of the New Conservative Party Juris Jurašs has decided to turn to the Constitutional Court, asking to recognize internal order rules of the Saeima that prohibit him from performing his duties as Saeima deputy as non-compliant with Latvia’s Constitution.

NCP reports that there is no justifiable reason for the prohibition to perform Saeima deputy’s duties, because Jurašs was elected through democratic elections. Additionally, voters were aware a criminal process was launched against Jurašs.

Since he is not able to take part in Saeima meetings, Jurašs is replaced by so-called carton Jurašs – a carton poster of him.

As it is known, in summer 2016 Jurašs publicly announced having been offered a bribe to change charges against the now ex-chief of Latvian Railway Ugis Magoņis’ and Estonian businessman Oļegs Osinovskis from bribery to trade with influence, which carries a less serious penalty.

Jurašs claimed that even before his public announcement he had informed Corruption Prevention and Combating bureau and the Prosecutor General’s Office about the bribery attempt. Jurašs claimed no reaction for higher-ups followed, and this was the reason why he decided to make a public announcement.

A criminal process was then launched against him for publicly disclosing confidential information. The criminal process was launched by the Security Police (now known as the State Security Service), which had previously requested Jurašs’ prosecution. However, prosecutor Aivis Zalužinskis concluded that there was no reason to criminally prosecute Jurašs. Senior prosecutor Modris Adlers later decided to cancel Zalužinskis’s earlier 15 June 2017 decision.

The case was then submitted back to Security Police for repeated investigation.

Jurašs is critical about his criminal process: «Commencement of the criminal process and reopening of the justifiably closed criminal case should be viewed in the context with public statements from Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers, in which he is confident that I had ordered KNAB officers to unofficially collect information about him and his family, put his dog to sleep, illegally enter his home, and that I was the one who denied him the freedom to enjoy hunting with Guntis Ulmanis, Aigars Kalvītis, Juris Savickis, Guntis Rāvis and other influential people,» said Jurašs.


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