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Air temperature to reach +20° C in Latvia soon

Photo: pixabay.com
An anticyclone will dictate weather in Latvia at the end of this week and next week – sunny and dry weather is expected, as reported by Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Meteorologists predict air temperature will come close to +20° C in most of Latvia and exceed it in some parts.

Wind will draw in from the north and its speed is expected to be low. Although night-time air temperature may remain below 0° C, air will gradually become warmer next week, reaching a maximum of +15° C at night.

«An anticyclone is already active above Scandinavia. Its influence will increase more over the week. This means weather in Latvia will be dry and chilly at the end of the week. Slow wind will draw in from the north. At night, when the sky clears, air temperature will drop below 0° C. The night to Monday will be the coldest one, when air temperature will drop as far as -4° C… -5° C. Daytime air temperature will stay at around +4° C… +8° C,» meteorologists say.

The meteorology centre notes that the anticyclone will remain active in Latvia next week, which means weather will remain dry. Although northern winds will remain next week, it will get warmer. Night-time air temperature will remain low (-3° C… -4° C). However, this will change in the second half of the week. Daytime air temperature will reach +15° C in some areas.

Current forecasts say that weather conditions will be favourable during Easter – air temperature will reach +15° C in Latvia.

Foreign meteorologists promise air temperature will rise more rapidly on Tuesday, 16 April. It is expected Latvia will end up in the anticyclone’s central part, which is why wind speed will be low and the sky will be clear.

According to the forecast from Global Forecast System, air temperature in Latvia will be +17° C… +22° C during Easter.


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