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Security chief: this year’s risks for 16 March events don’t differ much from previous years

Normunds Mežviets/flickr.com
This year’s security risks with 16 March events are not too different from previous years, said State Security Service Chief Normunds Mežviets in an interview to LNT programme Rīta Panorāma on Thursday, 14 March.

There are two events planned for 16 March – Daugavas vanagi association’s legionnaires remembrance march and a protest act by anti-fascists. Mežviets says both events are separate. However, there is still a risk of provocations.

SSS chief does not deny that the upcoming European Parliament elections represent a factor that will influence 16 March.

Mežviets allows for the possibility of people associated with pro-Russian parties taking part in events with a goal to promote themselves before elections.

Continuing on the topic of elections, Mežviets said SSS does not have definitive information of Russia or any other country planning to interfere with elections. Still, he does not exclude this possibility. He also allows that Russia may organize events to support pro-Russian parties.

Discussing Chinese Huawei products, Mežviets admitted that the technological giant’s possible cooperation with Chinese government is under investigation. Discussions will soon be held with high-rank officials.

Mežviets invites heads of businesses and private persons to avoid manufacturers with ambiguous reputation in Europe and NATO and whose products are suspected of being used for cyber-espionage and violation of people’s rights.


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