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Latvian security service expects provocations during Legionnaires Remembrance Day

Photo: facebook.com/Valsts policija
Latvian State Security Service predicts that radical persons will take part in events associated with 16 March in an attempt to realize their personal interests.

Similar to previous years, there will be events organized in Riga on 16 March. People of opposite opinion are likely to attend events as well. With that, there is a risk of violent clashes – both verbal and physical. SSS predicts there will be radical persons pushing their own agenda.

Authorities expect provocative activities aimed at attracting attention of Russian mass media in an attempt to discredit Latvia in the eyes of the international community.

In accordance with its competence, SSS evaluates potential risks and pays increased attention to processes that transpire in society and the virtual environment in relation to events planned for 16 March.

On 16 March, Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee will organize a gathering to commemorate the victims of Waffen SS on the Bastion Hills in Riga from 09:00 to 13:00. The planned number of participants is 100.

Daugavas Vanagi association’s Limbaži branch will organize a procession at 11:00-13:00. The route of the procession is Riga’s St.John’s Church – Kaļķu Street – Freedom Square, where it will end with flower-laying at the Freedom Monument. The number of participants is 100.

Another event will be organized at Freedom Square at 07:00-13:00. The goal of this event will be commemorating the 16 March 1944 battles of the Latvian Legion and explain the history of WWII in Latvia and Latvian Legion to passers-by. Around 20 people will participate.

Legionnaires Remembrance Day is an unofficial remembrance day when Latvian Legion veterans and other people commemorate residents who fought in the ranks of the German army in WWII as the Latvian Legion. Some people believe those people fought for an independent Latvia, whereas others believe they worked together with German fascists. Other people think they were victims of the war, who ended up on the front against their will.


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