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Minister: wages of the least paid people in interior sector should be increased

Sandis Ģirģens/flickr.com/Valsts kanceleja
Latvian Interior Affairs Minister Sandis Ģirģens wants to increase wages for the ‘least paid people’ employed in the interior affairs sector, as the minister told LNT programme 900 seconds.

For example, the plan is to equalize the wages of police cadets, which is currently EUR 450, to the lowest wage in the country’s National Armed Forces, which is EUR 520. At the same time, Ģirģens stresses – although wages in the interior affairs sector are low, it is positive that the majority of the people employed in the sector have access to free healthcare and bonuses for accomplishments in work.

Additionally, Ģirģens wants to increase the quality of pre-trial investigation. He stressed the Border Guard, which has very well-organized training structure. The only aspects that require improvement is the State Border Guard’s financial state and work environment.

Other plans of the minister include improvement of organization of police work. Results will be discussed after analysing annual statistics. This includes analysing the number successfully investigated cases, the number of administrative violations and disciplinary cases.

When asked by journalists if those criteria do not provoke police officers to not take cases in order to avoid damaging statistics, Ģirģens said no and stressed that every application should be investigated.

As for the coming 16 March, Ģirģens said Russian propaganda has become active in relation to this infamous date. He did not deny the possibility of provocations, but this is something that happens every year.



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