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Latvian state and municipal institutions rush to erase employee wage lists

Photo: pixabay.com
Following the ruling of the Constitutional Court, Latvian state and municipal institutions rush to erase from their websites information containing names of employees and the wages paid to them, as reported by LNT News.

The norm declared non-compliant with the country’s Constitution came to force last year. The court has overturned it. This means it is now necessary to erase all previously published wage lists.

‘Institutions now rush to erase all of this information from their websites,’ LNT News was told by State Chancellery’s deputy director for state administration affairs Baiba Medvecka.

Currently state institutions’ websites contain information on wages paid to the institution’s lawyers, customer service specialists and policy planners. No names are mentioned, however. Tomorrow State Chancellery will hold a meeting to discuss publication of additional information. However, it is unlikely information will be as detailed as before.

«I would say this announcement was fairly clear in regards to data protection violation. With that, we are unlikely to publish names and surnames again,» said Medvedeva.

As it is known, the Constitutional Court has declared the norm to publish and maintain for at least eight years information on state and municipal institutions’ websites information regarding wages of officials and employees does not comply with the constitution, as reported by the country’s representative Ketija Strazda.

The case was launched following an application from employees of several state universities.


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