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Minister: Mayor of Riga avoided supervisory duties in city transport firm

Juris Pūce/flickr.com/Saeima

The Mayor of Riga, being a shareholder of the municipal transport firm SIA Rīgas satiksme, was obliged to supervise large-scale procurement at the company, but so far it has not been confirmed that the Mayor has done it, stated Juris Pūce, Latvian Environmental Protection and Regional Development Minister, in LNT news programme 900 sekundes.

The Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development has requested Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs, the shareholder of SIA Rīgas satiksme, to provide explanations on the administration of the embattled company.

In the interview on Tuesday, February 5, Juris Pūce, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, explained that according to law, when Ušakovs had chosen not to establish a council of SIA Rīgas satiksme, the Mayor had been obliged to set forth supervisory duties for him to be fulfilled instead, yet Ušakovs had avoided to establish such duties.

«Now, we [the Ministry] have to determine, whether he [Ušakovs] has actually performed such duties. The available minutes of proceedings indicate that he had not done it. This is a direct violation of the law,» emphasised the Minister. Pūce added that currently, the Ministry expects explanations from the Mayor of Riga.

Reportedly, the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has commenced a criminal process in relation to three procurements organized by SIA Rīgas satiksme – the 2016 low-floor tram procurement (EUR 62,597,477), the 2013 trolleybus procurements (EUR 131,646,135), as well as the 2013 bus procurement (EUR 75,808,297).


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