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Deputies: Latvia should be prepared for different Brexit process scenarios

Photo: pixabay.com
On Wednesday, 9 January, Saeima’s European Affairs Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee discussed Latvia’s readiness for the possible consequences from Brexit, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Parliamentarians stress that Latvia should be prepared for any possible outcome with Brexit.

«A preparation process in underway, as the foreign affairs minister told deputies during today’s meeting. It is clear that we have to prepare for all possible scenarios. This is an unprecedented situation when a member state leaves the European Union. No one has any experience dealing with this sort of thing and no one can say they are ready 100%. Nevertheless, we have to do everything we can to predict the outcome of this situation,» stresses European Affairs Committee’s head Vita Anda Tērauda.

«The most important matters we have to focus on are related to the effect Brexit will have on the national economy. There is also the matter of protecting the interests of Latvian citizens living in Britain. This will require changes to Latvia’s laws. These changes will depend on whether or not Brexit procedure is controlled or not,» said Tērauda.

According to Foreign Affairs Committee’s chairman Rihards Kols, if Britain votes in favour of the established agreement on 15 January, the exit from Europe will be performed in a controlled manner, which will make transition process easier for Latvia, too. «At the same time, when hoping for the best one should also prepare for the worst. There are signs that Britain may leave Europe without an agreement. The potential consequences of this are impossible to fully estimate. Nevertheless, we are preparing for different outcomes in order for Latvia to respond accordingly,» said Kols.

«The Foreign Affairs Committee should also prepare for the approval of a mutual agreement. Latvia is deeply interested in preserving close relations with Britain even after its exit from EU. This is why it is necessary to immediately commence talks regarding future relations between the two countries,» said Kols.


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