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Latvian politologist Ivars Ījabs may start in EP election from Attīstībai/Par list

Ivars Ījabs/youtube.com
Politologist and associate professor of the University of Latvia Ivars Ījabs could take part in this spring’s European Parliament elections from the list of candidates of Attīstībai/Par political party, as reported by LNT.

LNT has information that AP currently considers Ījabs’ possible candidacy from the aforementioned political party in upcoming EP elections. Informal talks have taken place on this topic. The party aims to make its decision next week.

The politologist has told LNT that he has had talks with AP. At the same time, he stressed that different parties had talked to him prior to other elections. He said it is too soon to predict the outcome of informal talks with AP. Neither he nor the party is ready to say either yes or no. Parties have yet to decide on the politologist’s candidacy. On top of that, the general attitude is ambiguous. AP co-chairman Juris Pūce has neither confirmed nor denied this information.

EP elections in Latvia will be held on May’s last Saturday.


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