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Latvian government proposes postponing division of healthcare services in two baskets

Photo: pixabay.com
On Wednesday, 9 January, Saeima’s Social and Employment Matters Committee will decide on postponing the viewing of proposals for the division of healthcare services into two baskets until 1 June, as reported by chairman Andris Skride.

This step will be made because of the failure in adapting information technologies, according to Skride. Additionally, the full number of people who will receive the full range of healthcare services remains unknown.

Skride predicts the proposal for the postponing of the two basket healthcare service rage will receive majority support.

The proposal to postpone implementation of the two-basket system was submitted by Latvian Medical Association president Ilze Aizsilniece, who, aside from other things, pointed towards third group invalids, who were not immediately included on the list of people relieved from paying social tax fee.

Harmony deputy Andrejs Klementjevs supported adding those people to the list during a Tuesday, 8 January, meeting. Skride noted that he has prepared a relevant proposal for legislative changes.

During the meeting of the committee, Klementjevs pointed  towards Healthcare Ministry’s inaction, with the institution being unable to survey how many people will end up outside the full basket of services. There is also the ministry’s failure to secure proper function of the IT system.

As it is known, a new healthcare financing model is expected to come into force in Latvia starting this week. This model will be based on a new state health insurance and provides two different levels of healthcare services for patients who pay insurance contributions and those who do not.

However, because of problems with the IT system, not all residents are able to receive the full range of healthcare services. It is allowed the new order could be implemented starting with February 2019 after IT problems have been prevented.


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