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President: Latvia needs to make decisions on Moneyval recommendations in January

Raimonds Vējonis/president.lv
Latvia definitely has to make decisions on recommendations provided by Moneyval on money laundering and terrorism financing prevention this January, said President Raimonds Vējonis in an interview to Rīta panorama programme of LTV.

The president did not comment further which decisions should be made. At the same time, he mentioned that if no new government is formed by then, the current one will do it.

He believes work with a temporary government is not an obstacle, because it will continue working until a new one has been formed. He admits that the departing government does not have as much enthusiasm left for reform. The president believes such decisions should be made by the new Cabinet of Ministers.

Vejonis did say the government is doing everything it can. Additionally, he stressed the importance of making decisions on Moneyval recommendations in January.

The president is certain that adoption of Moneyval recommendations will be performed by authorities in full.

As previously reported, Moneyval has recommended Latvia to strengthen its control regime. It is outlined in its report about Latvia that the control regime was initially strengthened because Latvia had received low or middling score on several efficiency criteria.

Moneyval found Latvia’s measures inefficient in two sectors – determination of true beneficiaries and prevention of financing of distribution of arms of mass destruction.


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