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Latvian prime minister candidate excludes Attīstībai/Par from government formation talks

Aldis Gobzems/publicity photo
KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems has decided to terminate talks on government formation with Attīstībai/Par political party.

«With this announcement I hereby exclude Attīstībai/Par, which is infected with a government overturning virus, from further government formation talks. This virus has such high virulence that it seems to have become the new policy this party promised to voters,» as mentioned in Gobzems’ statement posted on Facebook.com.

The prime minister candidate says from the very beginning AP «had a desire to play a game organized by Edgars Jaunups and its sponsors».

«Not a single constructive proposal, lies in front of cameras, cowardly smiles, lack of courage to talk face to face, and late evening backstage offers with attempts forming […] government with Krišjānis Kariņš (NU) at the helm and attempts to buy votes from other parties,» Gobzems continues criticizing AP. «I hope other parties will not accept these dirty tricks and play to Jaunups’ tune, accepting the deputy purchase scenario lest from the previous policy,» Gobzems’ statement on Facebook states.

KPV LV politician also says he sees no way to cooperate with AP in the new Saeima «while deputies of this party remain puppets in Jaunups’ hands».

«It is clear AP is not interested in reduce prices of medicines, MPC system’s abolishment and gambling restriction. It is clear this party does everything to avoid reaching an agreement, because it finds everything wrong at the discussion table and offers no specific solutions. At the same time, I would like to thank other political parties for their constructive ability to withstand this destructive influence from AP and continue discussing problematic matters in spite of it,» Gobzems continues.

In its response, Attīstībai/Par! voices concerns about Gobzems’ association to Ainārs Šlesers, plans to cooperate with Harmony, and the decire to limit mass media and making government meetings closed.

New Conservative Party invites KPV LV to cease cooperation with the Greens and Farmers Union. Majority government is still possible with four parties – KPV LV, NCP, National Alliance and New Unity, said NCP leader Jānis Bordāns, in response to Gobzems’ decision to exclude AP from government formation talks.

«Currently it comes out this government would have 53 votes. It would be a conservative government in which the majority of politicians would be newcomers. The same applies to new policy,» Bordāns said in an interview to Latvijas Radio. At the same time, he denied claims that his party may be involved in government formation talks in favour of a government led by New Unity member Krišjānis Kariņš.


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