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KPV LV prepares new government’s declaration with 30 directions

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KPV LV political party has prepared a draft for the next government’s declaration with 30 directions if leadership over Latvia’s government is entrusted to this party’s prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems. Politologist Filips Rajevskis, meanwhile, believes this will not help the president pick the next prime minister.

The declaration’s preamble mentions that «the government should concentrate all available resources on creating a well-governed, modern and fair country, where every person feels needed and lives in social comfort».

To improve tax collection, the party plans to analyse opportunities to implement differentiated tax rates in different industries and regions. As for the education sector, KPV LV intends to significantly improve pre-school education programmes, as well as transfer supervision over the school network from municipalities to the state in order to ‘actually’ implement unified education standards. To raise education quality, the party plans to extend the school year and make sure schools teach modern skills, as mentioned in the ‘Fair and growing Latvia!’ document.

«Gobzems’ declaration mentions the need to reduce the number of high schools, as well as implement the principle of having only one high-school receive financing from the state budget starting from 2021. It is planned to provide school programmes with lessons on sexual and reproductive health.

Decisive steps towards liberalization of the pharmaceutical market are planned for healthcare policy. Foreign experts are planned to be attracted to evaluate medicines and investigate possible deviations from optimal price formation principles. It is also planned to lift territorial restrictions for pharmacies and permit sales of non-prescribed medicines in retail stores to increase competition.

Similar to the school network, it is planned to transfer supervision over hospitals to the state. KPV LV wants e-health system to become a convenient and safe platform to store patients’ medical history.

From 1 July 2019, it is promised to completely cease the use of the MPC mechanism. It is also planned to form a Top 20 exporters council. The prime Minister will be in charge of this council. It is also planned to form a special institution that will provide politically independent and professional representation in company councils. Latvian Railway is also planned to undergo restricting by means of dividing the infrastructure component from cargo and passenger transport services.

The party also commits to lifting payment of real estate tax for residents’ only home starting from 2021. KPV LV also plans to contribute to generation of electricity from renewable energy resources, perform a comprehensive restoration of roads in Latvia, as well as put an end to the railway electrification project and divert finances from it to other programmes intended to improve mobility.

The political party also plans to provide state grants for the construction of new kindergartens. In the culture sector it is planned to implement a kind of national concert hall project that would create no doubts about the correctness of its implementation. In state governance, it is planned to assess opportunities to combine functions of related ministries,» as explained in the document. Meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers will be closed to improve the quality of discussions.

It is planned to analyse opportunities for implementation of differentiated tax rates in different industries and regions. To reduce parties’ reliance on private donations, it is planned to increase state funding for political parties three times starting with 2020. It is also planned to provide automatic access to official secrets for Saeima deputies and ministers.

Gobzems’ declaration details other proposals for environment, infrastructure, science, culture, sports, child and family care policy, employment, social protection, housing and quality of life, public, state and municipal governance, fiscal policy, justice, state protection, prevention of money laundering activities, internal security and energy field on its nine pages.

Politologists Iveta Kažoka and Filips Rajevskis on the declaration: «Compilation of a government declaration by KPV LV before President Raimondas Vējonis nominates a prime minister candidate is understandable».

Kažoka mentioned that development of such a document by KPV LV could be explained with the president’s involvement in the government formation talks. «This is a normal process in such a strange situation, when the president made it a competition by not announcing a prime minister candidate. Because of that, parties are forced to manoeuvrer and decide how best to act,» said Kažoka.

According to her, the importance of this declaration project depends on the number of points detailed in it the party is prepared to stand and fight for.

Rajevskis, on the other hand, believes KPV LV party’s prepared declaration project can be considered a political programme document. «It should be taken seriously. Currently we see a situation when a 4,000 word programme is mandatory before elections. At the same time, we have no specific requirement for documents. This one we can consider a political programme document that was clarified and expanded after elections. But it will become a declaration only if representatives of multiple parties sign it,» Rajevskis explained.


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