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Priest accused of sexual abuse and human trafficking released from arrest on bail

Photo: pihabay.com.
Latvian State Police has released Pāvels Zeiļa, a priest of diocese of Rezekne-Aglona accused of human trafficking and sexual abuse, from arrest on bail, according to unofficial information from LETA.

Zeiļa remained under arrest all this time. He was arrested at the end of August following suspicions regarding his involvement in human trafficking.

As previously reported, Human Trafficking and Prostitution Combating Office received information from an NGO in August, detailing how three men may be involved in sexual abuse of a man with mental disorder. The three suspects were detained in Riga and Rezekne on 29 August.

State Police had previously reported holding a representative of the church suspect of human trafficking.

The second person involved in the criminal case is held suspect of human trafficking and sexual violence against a helpless person. The third person is accused of human trafficking in a group.

According to information acquired during the investigation, one suspect supplied a representative of a religious confession with a man for sexual needs. The priest paid for this ‘service’ to one of the suspects, as confirmed by police.

The priest is held suspect of several instances of sexual abuse. Police continue the investigation to determine if the aforementioned human trafficking and sexual abuse scheme has a long history. Police also hope to find if similar crimes had been committed against other people.

It is worth mentioning that one of the suspects in this case is a former worker of a social care centre in Riga, as reported by Delfi.


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