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Jurmala mayor keeps post; surprised over drug scandal around him

Gatis Truksnis/flickr.com/Green Bridge Forum.
During an extraordinary meeting of Jurmala City Council on Monday, 8 October, chairman of the city council Gatis Truksnis managed to keep his position.

The application regarding distrust to the mayor was submitted by opposition members on 2 October, shortly after media reported in formation that State Police penalized the mayor for storage of illegal narcotics.

At the beginning of the meeting, Truksnis said the information reported 30 September came as a surprise for him. «I was not informed of any penalty or administrative process. Now I can explain what happened,» he said.

He said he is ‘free of any addictions’ and that he had underwent tests at Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre, as well as National Forensic Medicine Expertise Center last week. «Test results only confirm what I have said – I am free of additions. The other institution has yet to finish tests. I am certain, however, that their results will also show I am clean. I am prepared to undergo any tests necessary at any time,» the mayor said.

Rapporteur Guntis Grūba said, however, that the 13th Saeima elections proved that trust in the ruling power has declined. «It is unacceptable for me to see ongoing processes in Jurmala ruin our trust, and the information reported by the media does undermine the city council from a legal viewpoint,» said Grūba, adding that UGF has other capable candidates to take over reins in Jurmala City Council.

He also mentioned witnessing Truksnis behave inadequately last year. He turned to UGF chairman Armands Krauze with a request to replace Truksnis. «They told me the mayor has undergone treatment and is in fit condition,» said Grūba, adding that the vote only serves to demonstrate UGF’s cynicism towards its voters and the general public.

Deputy Uldis Kronblūms does not believe Truksnis. «It is unfortunate to see people act with completely different principles than they should. There is enough information to doubt the mayor and the decisions he made in the past.»

Jurmala City Council deputy from Concord Ņikita Ņikiforovs said that it is not possible to make informed decisions based solely on a single programme. «We have no official documents to prove his guilt. I’ve been working with him for a year and I’ve yet to see any signs that would make me question his professionalism,» he said. He also said that voters were well aware of the criminal process launched by Corruption Prevention and Combating bureau against For Latvia from the Heart and Union of Greens and Farmers in relation to possible illegal financing of those parties last year. In spite of this information, however, people still reelected Truksnis. This means people trust him, Ņikiforovs said.

Deputies from Concord and UGF supported keeping Truksnis in his post in the recent vote.

As previously reported by Nekā personīga programme of TV3, Latvia’s State Police has fined Truksnis EUR 100 for storage of illegal drugs.

According to information from the programme, the syringe found by CPCB contained traces of cocaine and Truksnis’ blood. This piece of evidence was confiscated by CPCB during a search part of the investigation of the possibly illegal financing of political parties For Latvia from the Heart and Union of Greens and Farmers.


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