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Youth Guarantee programme extended for 21 professions in Latvia

Photo: pixabay.com.
Submission of applications for unemployed youngsters aged 17 to 29 to participate in Youth Guarantee programme has been extended until the end of September. Extension applies to studies in 18 vocational education institutions around Latvia that offer training in 21 professions within twelve months, says State Education Development Agency’s representative Kristīne Keiča.

Professions on offer include clerk, accountant, mechanic, decorator, welder, confectioner’s assistant, chef’s assistant, hairdresser, caretaker, manicure and pedicure specialist, as well as other professions.

By applying for vocational training, youngsters are able to simultaneously attend evening school, study remotely over the internet, or study part-time at the college offering the programme. Potential trainees can be registered with the State Employment Agency as job seekers or unemployed persons. They are also allowed to receive unemployment benefits while studying, Keiča says.

She says it is important to remember that youngsters undergoing training are not allowed to be employed, be on academic leave or child care leave, as well as be full-time students. To apply, youngsters need to have primary, secondary, vocational or even higher education.

«While they are studying, youngsters are paid scholarship of EUR 70 to EUR 115 a month depending on their academic success. They are also provided accommodation. During work practice, students are also provided with funds to cover transportation and housing costs if necessary,» Keiča continues.

Application submission will continue in 18 professional education facilities across Latvia until 30 September. Information regarding professions, education institutions, enrolment rules and advantages are available at www.via.gov.lv/jauniesugarantija.


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