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Prosecutor: no sensitive information was leaked in Kļaviņš’s criminal case

Ēriks Kalnmeiers/prokuratura.gov.lv.
No information was leaked from parliamentarian Askolds Kļaviņš’s case in relation to the commenced criminal process, said Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers during an interview with 900 seconds programme of LNT.

He said he has received permission to read a part of wiretapped conversations.

On 15 May Kļaviņš received a telephone call. The person calling him said the following: «They want to launch a case against you. They will ask deputies permission to start, and it’s about those expenditures.»

Kalmeiers did not deny the fact that the caller was none other than once the prime minister from the Union of Greens and Farmers Indulis Emsis, stressing that this information had been mentioned publicly in the past. The prosecutor general mentioned that no one had wiretapped Emsis.

Kļaviņš was then asked: «Shouldn’t you start something before it starts on its own?» At the end of the telephone conversation, the caller added: «If they launch a case, it will be rather unpleasant.»

Kalnmeiers added that the criminal process launched against the deputy is two weeks old. With that, the publicly voiced claim that publicly disclosed information regarding the criminal process is not true, he said.

Accusations addressed to Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis and Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau chief Jēkabs Straume are unjustified, said the prosecutor general.

Whoever leaked this information from CPCB will be checked during a service inspection. «It is every institution’s duty to identify sources from which information is leaked,» said Kalnmeiers.

As previously reported, CPCB has commenced a criminal process against Saeima member Askolds Kļaviņš for abusing his post as member of the Saeima for personal gain. After becoming a resident of Liepaja, Kļaviņš started receiving five times larger transport cost compensation than other members of the parliament.

Ir magazine had previously reported that Kļaviņš was warned about CPCB’s criminal process by Emsis. CPCB, however, had wiretapped this conversation. Public media had also reported that Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis may be involved in the information leak.

According to Ir magazine, Emsis may have had found out about the criminal process from one of his colleagues in UGF, who was told that by Kučinskis. The prime minister has said on many occasions that he has never disclosed information about this case. He called this whose situation ‘an intentional storm in a cup’ for the pre-election campaign.


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